hymn are a group exploring spacious improvisations informed by spare and sparse composed material. They feature Chris Dowding’s breathy trumpet playing and looping, George McKay’s deep and dark double bass playing, and electronics improviser David Ross playing percussion processed through analog electronics.

hymn also operates with guests and in improvised configurations. This has included with Graham Dunning (vinyl improvising) and Sylvia Hallett (violin and electronics) and others. We are planning a series of concerts in 2023 in churches around Norfolk, featuring these guests.

I think of hymn as a kind of echo of my Moonrise Trio. We have performed around the UK, including at Plink Plonk and Vortex Jazz Club. In December 2018, we were featured in BBC Radio 3’s Exposure series, recorded at Norwich Arts Centre.


“It was really refreshing to hear the presentation of that simple composed material in an improvised setting” Tim Fairhall (London-based double bassist)

“Have you got tunes? Soundcloud sounds like you might have, but I can’t tell if you’ve improvised them or not! I really like the atmospheres of them though.” Anton Hunter (Manchester-based guitarist)

“REALLY enjoyed it. I think your band(s) are freaking genius, frankly.” Alaine Mukene-Knight (Norwich-based fan)