Leading workshops is an important part of my practice, and I have worked with Dartington, Spitalfields Music and more recently with the Norwich-based charity Musical Keys.

This has included making graphic scores, composing & songwriting, electronics and many other activities. In 2021, I co-led the ‘Critical Time’ project with the octet holding hands, which featured a commissioned piece from Norfolk and Norwich Festival featuring visuals made with a Thetford school group. Last year, we returned that area when we led a project at Wayland HM Prison with the octet (co-led with saxophonist Rob Milne), which culminated in a performance in the prison with the octet and the participants, and we also produced a CD of the outcomes of the project.

I have also lead workshops extensively with the band Natural Causes, which has included something of a residency at End of the Road Festival, with the instant songwriting workshops we’ve led there for the last 10 years. It’s a great festival.

I am currently working a couple of projects particularly, both of which include field recording – one is called ‘Closed Circuits’ and is linked to my solo setup (called ‘In My Experience’) and workshops have included field recording, circuit-bending and writing small poems. The other is called ‘Open Worlds’ and is related to a suite of pieces I wrote for my Moonrise Trio about different places in East Anglia.

There is more information about these specific projects here:

Open Worlds & Closed Circuits

If you are interested in my workshops, there is a contact page here on this website, or my phone number is 07878 682933. Get in touch..!