Open Worlds & Closed Circuits


‘Open Worlds’ and ‘Closed Circuits’ are two related workshop projects that I have devised around field recording, connected to my Moonrise Trio and my solo project ‘In My Experience’, respectively.

‘Open Worlds’ came out of a suite of pieces I wrote of the same name, for my Moonrise Trio, about different places in East Anglia. I hope to do a version of the project in East Anglia in 2022-23, working with a community group to make field recording and electronic soundscapes to go alongside the pieces I wrote.

‘Closed Circuits’ is connected to my solo project, ‘In My Experience’, which came out of writing short poems which I then translated into musical notes using an alphabet system invented by composer Hugh Nankivell. I am planning a bigger project of ‘Closed Circuits’ around the climate crisis and exploring field recordings of local ecology in Norfolk.

Both workshop projects can be adapted to different places, creating new pieces or field recordings relevant to the project. ‘Closed Circuits’ also explores circuit-bending with Mike Page.

Do get in touch through the ‘Contact’ page here if you are interested in either of the projects.

(photo by Clare Dowding)